I want to record the internet! But I can’t! I’m running Windows Edge and the latest Windows. I am running Audacity 3.0.0 The latest tutorial shows setting that no longer exist!!! I have MME and WASAPI but no “STEREO MIX”. It’s just “microphone” and “sound mapper”. Why can I not record directly from the internet? Please help me. My ears are sliding off. They still work but it’s awkward…

Try [u]WASAPI loopback[/u].

Stereo Mix is a driver feature and it’s becoming rare…

Why can I not record directly from the internet?

Because it’s a special setup. Computers have two natural sound pathways. Record from the microphone or interface, Full Stop. Play music to your headphones or speaker, Full Stop. There’s no natural pathway between them.

Macs need special software. They’ve never been able to do this. Windows can sometimes do it with built-in services, but sometimes they need additional software too.


All I get is “Error opening recording device. Error code: -9996 Invalid device.” What does that even mean? I see there are steps that I have to take to test what the Audacity Manual recommends. As of right now I do not have the time to explore but I will explore later today. I thought it was recording the internet but it was the microphone that was picking up the speaker. When I disabled the microphone it flatlined. If I was ever sued over recording I would never give up the software I used. I was viewing a video on RIAA and their absurd attempt to extort money from innocent people which resulted in zero gain. Audacity 3.0.0 contains the following text in the drop downs: Windows WASAPI and MME and Windows Direct Sound. Speakers (Realtek (R) Audio) (loopback), and Microphone (Realtek (R) Audio). No “stereo mix”. I have no sound card. Please help me. I beseech thee.

I used to record off the internet all the time. The “scope display” AKA lines going up and down to the response of sound was MINIMAL and condensed. Kind of like a small blob. But it picked up what was on the internet. I used it when the freeware I was using expired. Now there is amazing software that captures most videos on the net. My captures are for personal use, by the way.

It worked before because I had a Blaster sound card and software installed. I tried it on a different pc loaded with said device and Johnny Carson was recorded loud and clear. I bought two new low level pc by HP and there was no room for a sound card so that’s why I couldn’t record off the internet. I need to buy a dongle? and Windows 10 capable sound card and prog. But it CAN BE DONE!!!

I thought it was recording the internet but it was the microphone that was picking up the speaker.

Bingo! That’s normal. That’s the natural sound pathways. Play stuff to you and then record stuff from you.

If you have new, unique machines, you can Google your brains out to find out how to do it with those machines. You’re not alone. That is a very popular job. Even Macs have special software packages and setups so we can record internet.

Audacity will record whatever you present to it, but it does get sound from the machine. There is one trick. Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_]Overdub (De-select). If you don’t do that, Audacity will try to open playback and record at the same time. If there’s something wrong with either of them, you will get that message.