Record Off A Audacity File

I used AUDACITY to make a recording of my voice and I played it back and at a certain point I went to EDIT - SELECT - LEFT AT PLAYBACK POSITION (bracket) AND RIGHT AT PLAYBACK POSITION (bracket). Ok fine I isolated the part of the recording that I wanted. I even managed to figure out how to make a recording of my isolated recording. But how do I convert my recording of the small recording I made to .wav and other formats allowed by your fine program? I tried until I bled from my ears. No luck. Listening to a recording and having the ability to EXACTLY start and stop the portion that you want to record is a valuable tool. But I want to convert the recording to another format. I want to study Audacity and become master of Audacity. I hope I made myself understood. Thank you ahead of time if you can tell me how to do this. I tried until I cried.

While you have the work selected on the timeline, File > Exported Selected. Copy and Paste work, too. Create a new blank timeline and paste the work into it.

In Audacity, you can mark portions of a song with Labels.

The labels are sticky when you drag-select something.


Thank you for your post. I had already did what you recommended and what happens is the whole file plays. I’m looking to A: have a separate Audacity file and B: another version of the file in .wav format. I hope you understand what I’m saying.

What is a “timeline”?

What is a “timeline”?

Just above the blue waves representing the sound, there is a thin track with time labels in it, generally starting with "time zero "on the left. When we say “ten seconds,” for example, you would look for a ten second label on that strip.

More generally, it refers to the entire blue wave display.

“Add the trumpet sound to the timeline and then Time Shift it into position.”


the whole file plays.

If you drag-select a segment of your show and press play (or spacebar play), only that segment will play. If you have many different blue waves one above the other, you can use the SOLO and MUTE buttons to the left to select what you want to hear.

You can open sound in a second Audacity window and only that sound will play.


What is "drag select’? You know, it is really too bad no one has created a VIDEO tutorial of Audacity. As it stands, one question leads to more questions. Then it’s up to whoever has “tender mercies” and is willing to patiently explain an answer. Computers and software and the use of software to operate machines is the future and not many people understand software and hardware.

I have made a recording and I imported it to Audacity to edit it. The “Edit” “Select” “Left at - Right at Playback” can PRECISELY start and stop at the portion of the recording that I want to isolate and capture. Or you might say “edit out”. But I cannot seem to make that portion that I “edit out” another seperate Audacity file or .wav file for that matter. I hit “Record” and it makes a copy on another “TIMELINE”? I’m the kind of user who will start clicking on every tile and drop down menu to find a solution. I write down each step so I can include it in my own Audacity instruction manual.

I am using Windows 7 Professional. I’m 61 years old. I have never tried as hard as I am now trying to understand something as many faceted as Audacity. And when you retire it doesn’t slow down and get peaceful it speeds up and gets loud and everybody is trying to hit you all at once. For example, the neighbors, the insurance company, my HMO, my car warranty and so forth. Time is too short for everything. I really do try to grasp Audacity. It has never failed me.

Even when I accidently closed it. audacity has a built in save of some sort and you get your files back. And, I am glad to say, the “Crypto Wall” malware that locks all your files so they don’t open or change into unreadable symbols cannot touch Audacity! Audacity is immune to Crypto Wall malware! It will be another 48 hours before I can get back to this page.

How much would you like to pay for Audacity? It is free because volunteers do all the work of developing, documenting and supporting it.

Every Audacity release, at least some of the videos would have to be redone because some menu item or interface detail had changed. This is the fundamental reason there are no videos authored directly by Audacity.

The documentation is the Manual:


Click and drag with your mouse, if you are able to use a mouse. Are you?


Do not re-record what you have already recorded. When you have your audio selected, simply File > Export Selected Audio… . In the window that opens, choose “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM”. That covers “B: another version of the file in .wav format.”

Do you mean save everything you have on your screen for reopening later in Audacity? If so, File > Save Project… .


  1. Left click with your mouse somewhere on t blue wavefoem
  2. with the left mouse button still held down drag the cursor left or right by moving the mouse
  3. release the left mouse button
  4. the selected region shows up gray highlighted

I.e. very similar to what you do in Word to select text