Record never stops...


I use Audacity 2.2.2 on an old (but free!) computer running W7 to record birds migration during the night :
-I set up Audacity to start/stop recording at the hours I choose (22:00 to 06:00)
-I choose “shutdown the system when finish”
-when it starts, a “stopwatch” begin, showing the time spent and the remaining time

It worked well, but since a few days, a problem has appeared…
-the record never stops by itself
-the “stopwatch” count 10s, and nothing else, even if 10 hours has spent, and the record continues, continues, …

I’ve tried to erase and reinstall Audacity 2.2.2 : no result… Can’t install Audacity 3. because a .dll couldn’t be found…

Could someone help me ?


I cannot replicate this on W10 with 3.0.5 or the latest 3.1.0 alpha test build I have.

Test was a 10 second Timer Record.

And on Monday evening I used Timer Record for a 2 hour 15 minute recording while I was out and that too stopped just fine.

Are you sure that you did not extend the date range - i’e make a much longer TR than you thought you had? I have had problems with the time tumblers like that in the past - now I check very carefully …


And it also works fine for me with Audacity 2.2.2 (which is now a very old version)


Hello !

Yes, you’re right : I had also some pb with the time tumblers, and I check them every time.
All was working fine before (since 3 months) : the pb appears just a few days ago.
Furthermore, I have setted up another computer (the same), with exactly the same outlines (OS, hardware and software) : it works nice since 8 months.

I guess Audacity isn’t in fault, but I don’t find what could be…?

Actually I think Audacity could be improved - I wrote this ptoposal in the Audacity Wiki five years ago:

but sadly no developer has had the time to pick this up.

I may add this to GitHub as an enhancement issue to give it some more focus.


Logged on GitHub
The Timer Record TimeText controls do not interact intuitively with the Date controls. #1869


=> Yes, what you note is real and need to be improve : I had some pb sometimes with spinboxes too.
=> But in the case I report, date+hour are checked and they are the good ones : Audacity just seems not to “count” the time, so it doesn’t stop.