record music into separate tracks

I am recording music from my records and putting these tracks in mp3 player or perhaps cd’s. This is the first time I am using Audacity, I have a learned some by watching a youtube video on the basics but now I trying to put these songs on separate tracks like cd’s. I have tried to put them on but have to do several steps. There has got to be a easy way to do this. I am looking for help in this area.

I don’t think there are very good ways to push one button and everything just works. There is a silent sense program that claims to be able to find and mark the spaces between songs, but any noise on the record or a quiet performance and that stops working.

Most people want to stop long enough to suppress the worse of the vinyl pops and clicks before the CD burn. That’s usually only partly automated.

So yes, we’re stuck with the published methods.


Well I did go through the Tutorial and tried to do the stuff that it recommended but still it is time consuming and that I don’t have time. But on the other hand I will go through it again try to be better at it. I thought perhaps I was missing something maybe not.