Record multiple audiosources in 1 recording


Searched Google an half hour but no answer. How do I make a recording with 2 separate audiotracks where track 1 is an audiosource (dj-controller) and track 2 is microphone input?

If Audacity is not suitable for this kind of action, which alternative apps do I have?

Windows normally only allows one recording from device at a time.

But, WASAPI Loopback allows you to record whatever is coming out of your soundcard so if you configure Windows to play both devices (Listen To This Device) you can record both.

Or Virtual Audio Cable is supposed to allow things like that. (I’ve never tried it.)

I have a Mac :slight_smile:
But will check the Virtual Audio Cable if it is free for use.

You might be able to do this with an “aggregate device” you create in Audio MIDI Setup. Look in your Utilities folder.

Blackhole might be able to do it.

There are also proprietary, non-free alternatives.

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