Record Microphone And All System Sounds

Hey guys, how would I record the system sounds and my microphone at the same. Thanks for the help.

You’ll lhave to select "Stereo Mix. “Wave Out”, or “What-U-Hear” to record what’s going to the computer’s speakers, and then make sure the mic input is selected (and turned-up) in the windows playback mixer (so you can hear the mic through the speakers/headphones).

Technically, you can only record one thing at a time. But with some soundcards, that one thing can be the pre-mixed sounds going to the computer speakers. Of course in order to prevent feedback, you’ll have to turn-down the physical volume control on the speakers, or use headphones.

[u]Here[/u] is some information on recording what’s going to the speakers, but note that many modern simply do not support this, so you may need different/special software or another work-around.