Record live + play base track

I’m trying to do two things at the same time, and this is my equipment: 2 different drone machine into a mixer, then into the laptop. I need to processo together 2 things: 1) what I’m playing live with “record” button 2) a track pre loaded.
The question is: how can I play these 2 things together, and play one track resulting from 1) the liveplay 2) the track preloaded?
Please help me, thanks

Is it a USB mixer? Which one?

That’s Overdubbing. Play live against a backing track and then mix them however you want in post production. You can mix as many instruments as you can play, one at a time (until the computer overloads).

There’s two very common problems with Overdubbing. You can’t hear yourself while you’re performing live. That’s “perfect overdubbing” and you have to plug your headphones into special microphones, mixers or interfaces for that. You can’t plug into the computer, but you have to plug in to the computer to hear the backing track. And that’s the conflict. Whether or not you can do that depends on your mixer.

The other one is bad mixing between the backing track and your live performance. That’s caused by bad computer settings. Do you like to record on-line music? Those settings can do it.


Thanks for your quick reply
But the point is: my mixer is not an USB mixer, is simple plugged into the Macbook.
I will play live with the function “Playthrough”, but also I need to mix “live” what I will play/record plus a base pre-registered.
How can I do these two things at the same time?
Can I do without headphones?

Some instruments (drone machines, pedals) are plugged into the mixer, which is plugged into the PC (not USB).
I will load a track pre-registered; then, my wish and need, is:
play live direct with my instruments, on audacity, and plus use the trackbase pre-loaded.

Is possible?
There is a simple way to do this?

Any help will be really appreciated