Record Level Meter Permanently Turned On Option

How about a option to turn on recording level meter and always have it on instead of having to always click it to turn on (monitor) or having to be in record mode to see it?

Thank you for the consideration…


Like grown-up sound recorders. I agree, but only as a preference, not default. The thing about grown-up recorders is they’re mostly run by grownups who are expecting that behavior. There’s nothing like Home User Spacebar Play automatically flipping back and forth between EE recording meters and play meters. I can see the help forum postings:

“How come my bouncing sound meters keep bouncing after I press Stop?”

Also remember Audacity gets that effect by running the record process and that can create feedback as it can in studio if you’re not careful.


We have long had a Proposal for this, which I support, on the Audacity Wiki for this

It is also one of our more popular Feature requests with 21 votes

Would you like me to add your vote for this?


Please add me as a vote for the feature…I would like to see it as a “option” does not have to be a default as some may want it and some may not…



And once we get 2.3.0 out the door I’ll try to do some gentle “nagging”

And like you I’d prefer to see it as an option controlled by a preference


Why would you not want it?

Why would you not want it?

Not want the option, or not want the effect?

I do want the effect, but only as a non-default option. My history goes back to the Ampex 350 audio tape machines and videotape machines taller than I am. Perfectly expected behavior. But it took getting used to. We should not be making the New User Experience any more difficult than it has to be.

Human interfaces should not change identity in use, or appear to. My two extreme examples are driving around in a Prius where you make the radio louder by reaching over to the radio volume knob which stays that exclusive identity forever. I understand that’s hopelessly outdated now.

Do you have a clock that needs to be set with one button? Isn’t that a joy? Did you ever get it right first pass? I haven’t, either.


If you are doing a recording session (as indicated to the application by either starting recording, or activating the recording meter), why not just leave the meter on unless / until turned off by clicking on it? What is the benefit of automatically turning it off every time that Stop is pressed (as we do now)?

Because it could be visually distracting while I’m doing other stuff - like, say, building a Macro


In which case you could click the meter to turn it off.
How often do you build macros during a recording session?