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I have heard that i should be able to attach my Kindle to the computer with Audacity running and record the audio of the Text to Speech function of the Kindle. I want to listen to books on my iPod. All I have been able to accomplish is by recording through the external speaker on the computer. I would like to get the reading picked up internally if that is possible? I am connecting the Kindle to the computer using the USB wire, for all I know sound may not travel through that connection, if not what do I need ?

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Depending on your Mac, it may be as simple as connecting the Kindle headphone socket to the Mac Stereo Line-In with one of these.

The Line-In on a Mac looks like a thin circle with two black arrows.

If you have no such thing, then look at Apple > System Preferences > Sound and see if it lets you switch one connection between headphone and Stereo Line-In.

Failing that, you should get one of the many fine Stereo to USB adapters. I use the Behringer UCA202.

It works with many different computers.

For that, you’ll need a different cable.

Launch Audacity and use the Device Drop-Down to switch to “USB Audio Codec.” If that listing isn’t there, restart Audacity and try again.

Hearing what you’re doing can be a challenge because you just used up the headphone connection on the Kindle and that turns off the speakers (if any).

You can set Audacity to play what it’s recording to your speakers.

Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Software Playthrough. Only select that.

I’ve never actually met a Kindle, but I’m guessing it works like other portable media players.


Thank you Koz, you have given me some things to try. I was digging around in my computer, tech stuff tote looking for something like the stereo jumper cable. That looks like the simplest way to go. I will hunt one down and give it a go.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me out. I would hate to be without my Kindle, it’s a great resource.


The straight stereo jumper cable only works if your Mac has a Stereo Line-In. You need to search for that first. Koz