Record iPhone5 voice mail to Macbook Pro [SOLVED]

Mac - OS X Yosemite 10.10.3
Audacity - 2.1.1
My mother passed away this summer and I want to save her voicemails before transitioning from my iPhone5 to my new iPhone6S. I did not find anything on FAQs or in the forums (except iPhone to Windows machine which didn’t end up helping) to help with recording a voicemail. I followed the steps in this article with a test voice mail (attached).

I purchased the male to male headphone cable (IXCC 3.5mm Stereo Cable Male to Male). This is connected between the only headphone jack on each of the devices. I set the Software Playthrough option and verified that Built-In Microphone is selected for the recording source. A file was recorded and it appears visually in the Playback Meter that a message is there (the sound level appears to go up and down while recording and playing back), however, there is no sound when I play the file in Audacity or in iTunes, except a click when I must have stopped the iPhone playback.

Help please!

Did you try Google?

You just recorded your live microphone.

There may be ways to force an interconnect cable to do this, but Microphone and Headphone (headset in and out) connections tend to be aggressively incompatible with each other. Headphone is powerful, high-volume stereo and Microphone is tiny, delicate, easily damaged mono. Not easy to connect them.

You can add extra-cost hardware and adapter cables, or you can add software.

Add the software.


In that case the port on the computer is probably four-position TRRS meant for an Apple headset.

So if you were to do it the long way and record the messages (and risk that the input would distort) you probably need a TRS to TRRS cable or adapter.

The “better” ones are probably splitters like that let you connect TRS headphones, mic or headset.


30 $ will get you Phoneview. It extracts most data from the iphone backup archive stored on the Mac:

There’s a free demo…

Or if you’re Terminal savvy:

file * | grep 'Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec' | awk '{ FS = ":" } { print $1 }' | xargs -I file mv file ./vm/file.amr


Thanks to all responders. Will take the next steps and be back if still struggling. (I used to be terminal savvy, but sadly that was 25 years ago!)

Solved! I ended up using iExplorer since it is something that I think we will use regularly for other items (vs. Phoneview and then potentially having to buy additional products to do similar things with other file types). I’ve wished for a product that does what iExplorer does and an happy to have been introduced to it. Thanks all!