Record in-game audio with pressing hotkey for recording

Hello, I have a problem with your software.
It is really cool software (needed some time to understand that if I wanna Audacity to record the exact same audio coming out of my laptop’s speakers, I should use the Speakers option for recording the audio :smiley: ), but I want to record audio when I am in-game. Like pressing the button and it records. The hotkey works, but I have to switch to Audacity tab to be started recording. Please make a option in the next update to record audio when in-game, without need to switch to Audacity tab, it’s gonna be really helpful.

I made a note of your request - thanks - but it can’t happen until we update the version of the wxWidgets interface toolkit we use. That update is a big job.


Okay, thanks. So this is going to be added with sure? Also a good idea will be adding a overlay (like Fraps’s FPS shower) to show that the audio is recording and how much long it is (that’s only a idea, add it if you want, not forcing someone for it, but the hotkeys thingy is very important and maybe more people will use Audacity for it’s hotkey record compatibility).

Audacity is a collaboration between a number of different developers. Nothing is for sure and program changes can take a long time.

We do recommend FRAPS if you can’t get Audacity to do what you want.


Okay, thanks for the help. Hope that the hotkey feature is going to be available in the next update soon.