Record in Background [SOLVED]

I’m trying to record a record from my USB enable turntable while I also do other things on my PC that require the speakers? Like playing a DVD. But, as soon as I plug in the USB cable it seems to hijack my speakers and I can’t do anything with them.

Thank you.

You should plug everything in and let it settle and then run Audacity and set it to record the turntable.

Then reset the playback system to wherever you want it to be. Windows sometimes assumes if you plug in a USB device that it should send sound both ways. You may need to set playback in the Windows Control Panels, and not just the applications.

No, this isn’t going to work if you like to record internet audio or other computer internal services. Those do take both sound directions.

So if you want to listen to the DVD, you should intentionally set the DVD playback services to play to the speakers. Many people leave Stereo Mix running all the time and it doesn’t create problems until they try to do some a little out of the ordinary like you’re doing.

The computer on the left is playing music into my podcast and recording the mixed podcast in Audacity. Two different pathways.


Thank you. I think that solved my problem.