Record headset microphone and speakers into different tracks

Hello guys,

so I looked a lot for Audacitys MultiTrack recording, but all I found was about recording one track, then adding another one later one into a new one or Stereomix recording.

I learned how to do both, but I stuck at Stereomix. I’d like to record my headsets microphone into one track and the speakers audio into another to edit them later on in the video editing software. I don’t have any other tools than my onboard sound card and USB headset and I’m not sure whether this is possible but I think it shall be since recording audio and microphone separately works… I only didn’t find out how to record one into one track and the other into another track at the SAME time.

I’d be glad for any help or any tags I might have to look under because I mostly Googled for “Audacity headset record microphone and speakers separately” and really didn’t find what I wanted.

Thanks a lot in advance!


By the way, I’m using Audacity installed on Windows 7 x64

Audacity can only record from one “device” at a time. If you have a multi-channel sound card that works as one device with normal Windows drivers, then you can record as many channels as Windows makes available. Some multi-channel devices require special “ASIO” drivers for multi-channel recording and unfortunately Audacity is not able to ship with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions.

It may be possible to record from multiple devices at the same time using additional software to “aggregate” the devices into a single “virtual device”, but unfortunately Windows does not have that ability built in. There is the (non-free) commercial software “Virtual Audio Cable” that may be able to do this (it has a free trial so that you can check that it works with your hardware before you buy There is also the “donation-ware” software “Virtual Audio Cable” and “Voicemeeter” software available here
Note that these applications are not related to Audacity and so we are not able to offer technical support for them.

I’m struggling with the same thing, and it’s too bad that Windows does not have it built in. However, I’m going to try out “Virtual Audio Cable” and see how it goes. Thanks!

Here is a YouTube video about recording sound from the computer and a mic at same time using VoiceMeeter:


Thats interesting too, thanks!

A little thank you from me as well :slight_smile: