Record guitar with backing track.

Operating system windows 8.1., desktop. Amp Fender Mustang LT

I can record my guitar by USB from amp to computer using audacity.

I also know how to record a microphone over a backing track using audacity [tried a couple of times then realized I can’t sing worth a lick], the point being I noticed that you can hit record and make an mp3 track loaded on audacity play while you record yourself speaking in a microphone and this is done obviously to sync the track with your voice.

So my question is/what I’m looking to do, is if I can put say an mp3 song in audacity and click a button and play that, while I play my guitar and record it and it be in sync? Does that make any sense? Can audacity do anything like that? And if so how do I go about doing that?

Yes : in principal it’s the same as karaoke, but with guitar instead of singing, see …

“in-sync” playback requires a one-time measurement of the latency of your particular computer … Latency Test - Audacity Manual

Trebor I already tried it like that and it wouldn’t work with the guitar, it will work with a microphone and record, but when I click the record button with the guitar plugged up it gives me an error, a big box pops up and says “Error opening recording device. Error Code 9997 Invalid sample rate”

Could try changing the Audacity project-rate to 48000Hz, (from the default of 44100Hz).

I got it fixed. On the main screen there is a little pull down menu below the microphone looking icon, it was set on Window WASAPI, I changed it to MME and it worked.

Maybe this thread will help someone else who has the wrong setting clicked, glad it turned out to be nothing major though.

Anyways, thanks for your help Trebor.