record guitar and/or keys

I was told I could use an 1/4" to USB Conversion cable to record guitar and/or keys. I plugged each of them in and get nothing? I have tried it set to both microphone and line in…

Is there some sort of a trick or setting I am missing? I was told it is just plug and play. I am using Audacity 1.12.3 and Windows XP.

Please help if you can … Thanks

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Does your system recognise the USB device when you plug it in? Does Windows give you the usual “New device discovered” pop-ups? If it does, connect the guitar to your PC with the USB cable BEFORE you launch Audacity. Then, after launching Audacity look in the Device Tool bar for a USB device and try recording from that.

It doesn’t even recognize and give a pop up as I am use to. If I go to device mgr I don’t see it either? On the box it says " no extra software or drivers needed, 100% plug n play"?NOT… I really want to use it… When using AD conversion on Audacity should the input setting be on “line in” ? Thanks

If the Device Manage can’t find it, then Audacity will be hopeless. Try another USB connection on the computer or try the connection on another computer. If nobody can “find it,” then the device may be broken.