Record from Vinyl "drops" to mono

Hi everybody,

I am recording my old vinyl 7" with Audacity.
The setup is:

Turntable ==> Amp with Phono in (by cinch cables)
Amp ==> Rec Out ==> PC (Cinch to jack plug)

Audiodriver: Realtek HD-Audio Input (Line IN - not MIC)

When I start recording, it is in Stereo but suddenly it “drops” to mono… This happens on all vinyl records and every time on different timestamps.

Check screenshot in attachment.
Has anybody an idea?

Version is: Audacity 2.4.2


It looks like a bad connection somewhere.
Have you tried jiggling the cables / connectors to see if you can make the right channel cut out / cut back in?

That’s strange…

Are you listening to the amp and is the analog setup working? I doubt it’s the computer…

I don’t know what “Cinch” connectors you have, but if you can swap the left & right channels that might give a clue.

Do you have something else (and the appropriate cables/adapters) that you can plug into the computer? You can try a CD/DVD player, the audio outputs from your TV etc.