Record from soundcard

Been trying to record from my soundcard for a while now without success. Used to be able to do it with Audacity without additional cables or software, but then the facility was withdrawn. Now I hear you can use WASAPI and loopback to do it.
Downloaded the version 2.0.5 for my Win7 laptop but although I can now select WASAPI (not a hot Japanese paste then?!) but I there’s is no loopback under input devices so I guess the fates are colluding against me again.
Hope someone can offer me hope!

Not a spicy condiment.

Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI)

Did you crank through this:
It mentions WASAPI and how to use it.

It is suggested that this can take the place of Stereo-Mix and the other services that allow you to customize your sound pathways and record yourself. Fair warning that it’s really easy to get lost when you build convoluted pathways.

“I’m trying to overdub my guitar and it keeps overloading and feeding back.”

Yes, it might.


I’m sorry, I fell at the first hurdle. Click the speaker icon near the clock? Not working, or I’m not in the right place…
I have output: speakers realtek high definition (no other option to select), input: speakers realtek high definition (no other option to select). Can’t see anything else except the speaker near the meter…
Can anyone clarify what I need to do?

Actually I’ve now found the speaker icon bottom right but it doesn’t matter which option I choose, I can’t record from the soundcard. I just have microphone and stereo mix. I have to have microphone as default and stereomix disabled or I get nothing at all when recording.

That’s obviously not right is it?

Have you looked in Device Toolbar ? If you want to record from stereo mix you have to select it in the third input box of Device Toolbar and it has to first of all be enabled in Windows.

The audio to be recorded has to be playing on the Realtek speakers device and not be muted or it cannot be recorded using stereo mix.

If you choose Windows WASAPI host in Device Toolbar, Speakers Realtek for output, Speakers Realtek (loopback) for input, play the audio on the Speakers Realtek, then press Record in Audacity, what happens?

Note you can hover over the Device Toolbar input choices with your mouse to see which one is which, or you can mouse drag on the right of Device Toolbar to widen it.


Thanks for assistance all round. I’m not 100% about what everything means (eg stereomix) so have just been randomly trying all the permutations. Also, the input box is very small…when I looked more closely and moused over, I found the (loopback) label and having enabled in my system tray, it’s working perfectly.
Thanks again for bearing with me!

Stereo Mix is an input on some sound cards that lets you record audio that can be heard playing on that same sound card.

Excellent. However you don’t need stereo mix enabled to use Windows WASAPI in Audacity.

WASAPI does not appear in Windows “Sound” at all - you can only choose it in Audacity.