Record from old recorder

So I have an old Olympus recorder where I used to record my thoughts many years ago, this was a manual recorder without a usb or sd recorder. I was thinking about recording my sound through audacity. In the old times I found success recording in this manner because I had to jacks, one for headphones, another for mic. Nowadays all computers come only with one jack to input the headphone. Is it still possible for me to record this audio on audacity? I’m sending the image of my cable and recorder in annex. I’ve tried some tests without sucess.

Thank you!

I have something like that.

You can get around all those “universal” PC connections with an adapter cable and a USB stereo adapter.

That’s for your recorder headphone out.

Behringer UCA-202. That’s me adapting my analog stereo mixer to my PC.

It’s also certified for musical overdubbing if you have an unquenchable need to sing harmony to yourself.


It’s best to use an external USB audio interface as Koz suggests.

Do NOT buy a regular “USB soundcard” because they only have mic-in and headphone out. A headphone or line-level audio signal is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal so you need a line-input. (A mic input will work but you won’t get the best quality.)

all computers come only with one jack to input the headphone.

Just FYI - These are “combination” jacks and they will work with a microphone but it takes a different 4-contact [u]TRRS[/u] plug with an extra connection for the microphone. (Regular headphones will work without an adapter.) Or you can buy a “headset” with an attached microphone that plugs-in directly with one connection.

Hi sorry for asking I already bought and I have in possession my Behringer but I seem to have trouble configuring audacity for this task, which option should I choose as output and input and regarding the Behringer should I connect the audio channels cables as output or input. Sorry I am confused.

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which option should I choose as output and input

The Behringer should show-up as “USB… something” (Maybe “USB CODEC”) as a [u]Recording Device[/u] in Audacity.

and regarding the Behringer should I connect the audio channels cables as output or input.

Input. The analog audio comes out of recorder’s headphone jack and in to the Behringer. :wink: Then, the digital audio comes out of the Behringer’s USB port and into the computer’s USB port.

Although, the USB ports are bi-directional so you can use it as a playback device sending audio into the Behringer’s USB port and out of it’s analog outputs.

And as a sound controller? There is a button with a microphone and another with loudspeaker, also which profile Windows, MME or Wasapi?

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It should be pretty-clear from the manual (the link I gave you). The microphone icon is for the input/recording device and the speaker icon is the output/playback device.

The audio host is the protocol used to communicate between the hardware, drivers, and software. WASAPI is the “latest and greatest” and MME is the oldest and “most mature”. In most cases any of the 3 hosts will work fine.

Sorry to bother but I’m just confused as I’m not able to record audio with any profile.

So I have my Behringer configured like this.

And then I have 3 mappers in the audio and microphone. How should I choose? I’m sorry but I can’t record the sound in any way.

Could you help me out?


Disconnect the UCA 202 from your computer, then close and quit Audacity.
Restart Audacity and write down the list of available recording and playback devices in the device toolbar.

Shut down and quit Audacity, then connect the UCA 202 to the computer.
Restart Audacity.
Look in the recording and playback settings of the device toolbar.

You should now see one extra recording device, and one extra playback device that were not present in the first test.
Do you see that?
What are the new (“extra”) devices called?

So here it is:

Without the Behringer


Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input

Microphone Realtek High Definition


Microsoft Sound mapper - Output

Sound Speakers Realtek High Definition

Extra (Behringer)

Microphone USB Codec - Input

Sound Speakers USB Codec - Output

Sorry but I don’t understand what you’re telling me. Did you type that correctly?

Sorry I forgot to correct them I will now, I didn’t have the change to do it, because all posts are aproved by you later.hringer generates a speaker and a microfone with the tag “USB Codec”. I will edit that post after I post this.

OK. So to record from the Behringer, set the Recording device in the device toolbar to the “USB Codec” option.

If you wish to hear playback through the Behringer, you will need to either plug your headphones into the Behringer, or connect the “Out” phono jacks to suitable inputs on an amp or powered speakers. If you do this, then you should set the Playback option in the device toolbar to the “USB Codec” option.

Alternatively, if you want to use your computer’s built-in sound card for playback, then select “Sound Speakers Realtek High Definition” as the Playback device in the device toolbar.