Record from mixer to laptop

I’m trying to record from my mixer, NUO4, to my laptap from Mic-in.
The input is to loud and I don’t now how to change and decrease this. Any help available?
The input should be about -24 or -12 at most, but is now absolutely 0.

That’s not surprising. Microphone inputs are about 1000 times more sensitive than line level.

The best option for a laptop is to get a line input that you can plug in. PCMCIA sound cards tend to be very expensive, but you can pick up a USB audio interface such as the Behringer UCA-202 for about £20 GBP / $40 US. I use a UCA-202 and it works very well. There are of course other makes/models to choose from.

The only other option is to use the main out, or a control room out from the mixing desk and turn the volume down very very low. This is a poor workaround because it makes metering and adjusting levels difficult and the noise floor is much higher (background hiss).

what exactly are you trying to record?

I use the same method, I have my Eurorack’s Tape output plugged into my computer with a normal stereo rca to mini cable and the only thing i had to do what shut off the mic boost and mute the Mic Channel. I have my mixer at about 0 (which is right before it can start to clip) and the input volume on Audacity less than 1 and it works fine. The only thing I could think of is that you have channels turned up that you aren’t using with a lot of treble, that produces a lot of hiss and bad sound. but really it also depends on what you have plugged in to your mixer.