Record from Mac to Windows

Hi everyone :slight_smile: ,

I’m not pretty sure I should post my question here, but here is my problem.

I use audacity 2.0 on Windows Vista. One of my students recorded a Skype conversation for an evaluation, and I also will need it for a research project. She uses a Mac and downloaded the latest version of audacity to record her conversation. Unfortunately, she didn’t export her recording, so I asked her to send me the data folder containing the .au file so that I could try to put them together, as I usually did with an Audacity Recovery Utility with a preceding version.

The problem is that I received three folders that should correspond to two conversation (but I’m not sure about this). For the first conversation I have a folder “e00” and a folder “e00b”. In “e00” there are six folders, from “d00” to “d05”. In “e00b” there are seven folder, from “d00” to “d06”. And within these folders there are not .au files strings as I expected. For instance I can find something like “e0000a07” followed by “e0000a8”. I opened them and I found that the second chunk contains an part of the conversation which is not related to the one of the first chunk.

So here is my question : is there an automatic procedure for me to reconstruct the original recording on my computer? You know, I’d rather not do an audio-puzzle of 800 pieces :open_mouth:

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:


I don’t know… But, can’t you just ask her to export to WAV or MP3 and send you a new file?

Never trust a computer to record something critical, unless you have a back-up system recording in parallel… :wink: