Record from cassette deck to MAC

Audacity version 2.0.6 Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5

How can I record from cassette deck to my Macbook Air? There is no jack input only a headphone socket.

~$30 gadget which converts a USB-socket into a line-in

( not unique : other such devices are available )

Thanks I’ll look around - that link says not available in UK

There are UK sellers …

Thanks I found some you’ve been very helpful
I wonder whether the attached device would also do the trick?

Those are smaller & cheaper, but they don’t say “line-in”, they just state “mic-in”,
( “mic-in” is too sensitive for the output from a cassette-deck, need a “line-in” socket on the recording device for that ).

It may, but we have no idea what the quality of that device is like. As Trebor wrote, the mic input may be massively overloaded by a tape output, causing it to distort horribly.

The Behringer UCA 202 and UCA 222 have standard RCA connectors for input and output, which make it easy to connect to standard hi-fi equipment, mixing desks and other equipment. The case is only plastic but is reasonably robust, and there are many good reports on this forum regarding reliability and sound quality. They also have a headphone socket so that you can directly monitor what is being recorded.

I have a UCA 202 myself, and my only criticism is that there is no input level control, which is not a problem unless recording a very loud source (my CD player can output a higher level than the UCA can handle, which causes a little distortion on very loud CDs, but I can record via my hi-fi amp which works fine). I’ve been using the device almost daily for about 10 years, and the only fault is that the label has fallen off.

Ok very helpful. My tech is not good so what do I need to do if I get the UCA?

My cassette deck has a line in and line out sockets & currently connected to the tuner/amp. So how do I connect to the UCA and computer? and will I be able to monitor the sound when I make the connection? Please assume I’m a little old lady in your answer! Thanks in advance!

Picture courtesy of Koz

You’ll need a cable to connect UCA to your cassette-deck.
The cable currently connecting cassette-deck to the amp will do if it ends in 2 RCA connectors, and is long enough to reach your computer.

Great. What’s the cable that connects to the computer? I can see that one end is a normal USB. What’s the connector at the other end. I’m guessing RCA ie those red & white thingys

Those are RCA connectors from a prominent manufacturer in days gone by.

You can buy “Y” cables to split one cassette desk into two places (get two, one left and one right.


The cable to connect the UCA thing to the computer comes with it : it’s permanently attached …

Thanks guys - I’m good to go!