record from an external cd player to my computer

My memory fails me at times. This might not be something that should be on this board if so please feel free to disregard.

I have able in the past to record from an external cd player to my computer, can’t get to work.

I run the line from line out on my player to the line in on the back of my computer

I plug a two receptacles line in to my external speaker but when I plug my head phone into one of the receptacles I get no sound

I know that in the past times I plugged something else into the receptacle. I cannot remember exactly how I did this.

Appreciate any thoughts you might have and Thanks.

I changed to a relevant title. Please don’t assume that any one helper is always assigned to you.

To what are you connecting the external speaker? Or is the external speaker part of the CD player?

Can you record the CD player in Audacity? To do so, you would have to select Line-In in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. If Line-In can’t be seen in Device Toolbar even after restarting Audacity, you would have to go into Windows Sound (the Recording tab) to enable the Line-In.

Note that it usually preferred to “rip” CD tracks to WAV files using Windows Media Player, iTunes or some other application like CD-ex ( see That way, you get an exact copy of the CD track.

When you connect from line-out of the CD player to line-in of the computer, you lose a little quality. This is because the CD is digital, but the audio going down the cable connecting line-out and line-in has to be converted to analogue, and then back to digital when it gets to the line-in.



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