record from a-v headphone jack to w7

Hello: can I successfully record vinyl coming out from my a-v to the analog jack (both output & input) in win7pro?
-output: headphone jack from yamaha rx787 (newish, but old-style, no HDMI);
-input: combo audio input/output jack, macbook pro retina 15 inch late 2014 model, BOOTCAMP to w7pro.

I don’t see in mmsys.cpl where to detect this 2nd input port. Please note that this mac has a built-in mic (not a jack) somewhere in it (I never use it).

Do I need a special input (“3 ring”) sound input jack to plug into the mac’s a-v jack?

Thank you.

2014 model 15" MacBook Pro?

Does it have connections like this?

If it has a single socket, go into Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound and see if it has provision to switch your one connection to stereo record or stereo play. Some Macs did that.

If it doesn’t, a stand-alone sound adapter is recommended.

That’s a good quality, bi-directional stereo USB sound adapter. Behringer UCA202. Jury is still out whether the system is going to let you connect to it. Both the Mac hardware and the Windows OS need to know it’s there.


Thanks, Koz ( & for quick answer!): while I’m “reasonably” confident that under sierra connection will be a no-brainer–apple forum has steps appearing to answer this very ques-- I’m looking to do this in w7pro. I don’t use sierra hardly at all, 99.9% of time in w7. So providing ans for sierra (sys prefs) doesn’t answer my ques for w7. But if you do have ans, pls reply. Thank you.

BOOTCAMP to w7pro.

You kind of hosed your chances of a quick and easy answer with that.

I have a license for Parallels. Remember that? I’ve never used it.


Windows 7 can certainly do it if your hardware & drivers support it.

This may not be relevant but most Windows laptops only have mono microphone (whether they have a combo jack or separate headphone & mic jacks). So you need an external USB interface. …Beware of “USB soundcards”. They are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out. Make sure to get an “interface” with line inputs.

Desktop & Tower Window PCs have a “regular soundcard” line-in, headphone, and speakers-out (and sometimes 5.1 or 7.1 channel outputs).

-output: headphone jack from yamaha rx787

A headphone output will work with a line-input. But, your receiver probably has “tape-out” or “record-out” and that may work better.