Record both sides of a conversation.

I would like to record a conversation using Google Talk/Phone/Voice (or whatever it’s called). So, that means recording both mic input and sound card (speaker) output, simultaneously. Google will only record incoming calls, not outgoing and of course I need outgoing. Skype has a third party application that works for skype, but I need it to work with other services such as Google, Bobsled and/or whatever else is out there.

I tried a few things, none worked. So I can’t figure out how to do it.

Thank you in advance

You will probably have to spend money: .

The only way you might be able to do it in Audacity is to unmute the mic in the Playback side of Windows XP Sounds and Audio Devices (which plays your mic through the headphones) then record from stereo mix (if your sound device supports it). See

and .

Even if it works, both sides of the chat will be mixed together. You will have to pay money for a program that records each side to its own channel and records not only Skype but all other VoIP programs as well.


If you are asking how to unmute mic playback, click Windows Start > (Settings) > Control Panel > Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices > Sounds and Audio devices. Click the “Volume” button in “Sound playback”. There should probably be a checkbox to unmute the mic (assuming correct drivers are available).