Record Auto Stop

Instead of having to hit the stop button to stop a recording, is there a way to set it so it stops recording by itself after a certain amount of time? Thanks.

Yes, there’s “Timer Record”:

Thank you, but I can not find that.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Audacity (currently Audacity 2.3.3). You can get it via the Audacity website:

Yes, it is the 2.3.3. The only thing I see with the counters is for audio position and start and end of selection.

“Transport menu > Recording > Timer Record…”

Shortcut Shift + T


I found the timer you guys mentioned, and that will work, but I was hoping for something a little different. Instead of setting it to start recording at a certain time in the future, I would like to set it to tape as long as the song I am about to record, then simply hit record. That way I don’t have to have the timer preset to record from time X to Z, and then wait til X gets here and then start the song playing.
Also, I have read the manual, and I can not see anything for adjusting the bass and treble, is that available?
Thanks for the help, it is really appreciated.

Another way to record for a specified length of time and then stop:

  1. “Tracks menu > Add New > Mono Track”
  2. Zoom out and select from the length of the song to time = 0
  3. Shift + Record button, or “Shift + R”

Bass and Treble effect: Bass and Treble - Audacity Manual

Timer record will do that.

  1. Note that unless and until you set a start time the start timer updates continuosly as the currebt time
  2. DON’T enter any time there
  3. Set the length of time you want to record for
  4. Start the Timer Recording …