Record Audio that's being input

Ok, I want to know if there’s a way to record music that’s either being input or output without using a microphone. Like recording what you hear, but without noise other than what’s coming out of the speakers.

Situation: I want to record using my Rocn Band drums, but obviously don’t want the sound of me hitting them in the mix.

Are you plugging your Rock Band drums into the computer? Or Are you just trying to record the audio coming out of the game?

It’s easy to record from a selected source in Audacity. Just go to the edit → preferences → audio i/o menu and select the recording source you want. Most likely you’ll want the Line In (which is what the video game system should be plugged into).

I’m plugging the Drums into the computer then using a program that translates the hits into sounds. When I go to the place you told me, the only options were Microsoft Sound Mapper- Input, and SoundMAX Digital Audio, both of which recorded from the mic…