Record Audio Slider stuck full volume.

I have the newest Audacity version Audacity 2.1.2.
The Record audio slider and microphone icons are grayed-out and the volume is stuck at full volume.
Drivers update no help. Please help. Thanks.

Are you able to record?

What are you trying to record? i.e. From the microphone built into a laptop? Streaming audio? Something else?

If you are not able to record, make sure you’ve selected the correct [u]Recording Device/input[/u] and maybe try a different Audio Host.

Trying to record streaming audio. This just happened when I got a new DELL Inspiron 3847 computer with Windows 10.
My previous HP computer with Windows 10 did not have this problem. I downloaded all driver updates for the Dell. No help.

When I record streaming audio (which I’m doing right now as it happens) I need to control the signal level from the providing app or website.


Uninstall/Reinstall no help. I updated every program driver, no help.
The Realtek sound card driver update did find and install new drivers, no help.
Slider still inop and stuck at full Record volume.

Record slider problem FIXED!!!
I uninstalled the latest Audacity and downloaded the legacy Audacity and now the Record volume slider works just fine.

But that means you lose the benefit of all the bug fixes and new features that the developers diligently add …

I know. But when the Record volume slider bug gets fixed in the latest program, I will download it again.
Who knows how long that might take. Meanwhile, I’m happy with the older program for what I use it for.

It might take a lot longer than you think …

For a start it’s not registered as a bug on our Bugzilla tracking system. Furthermore I don’t think it’s a bug (Gale may contradict me here) - I think it’s down to the combination of your soundcard and its driver not allowing Audacity access to the controls (this is a known issue for some USB devices - but the bug registered there is about the fact that . the sliders sgould be grayed-out when they are inoperable and this was first reported in 2010. The issue to be addressed there is not about granting control to the slider because in those circumstances it just can’t be done.

You have’n’t told us which host and input device you are using to record your streaming audio. Is it MME or Windows Direct sound with “Stereo mix” or “What-u-hear” - or is it the newer WASAPI host with loopback device selected?

The setup I use on a very regular basis (including for professional purposes) is WASAPI and loopback host, using the originating website/webstream to control the input level. This produces consistently good results for me.


What version of Audacity did you download (all three numbers from Help > About Audacity…)?

I agree it is probably not an (Audacity) bug, but even if it is we need information on exactly what audio host and recording device you are choosing (as WC said).

If the next release of Audacity updates to the latest version of the PortAudio audio interface we use, that may help.


I am having the sam e issue, After updating to the latest version (as prompted by Audacity) the reording slider is stuck. It worked fine yester day when I was recording using the old version

Using Host Windows Direct Sound, the slider is locked. Changing host to MME allows the slider to be moved, but it does not change the recording level. I am recording from USB line in (USB Microphone CODEC). I have had no issues with this until the update earlier today.

I am having the same problem, using “Microphone Array (-4 USB PnP Audio Device)” to record audio off of my record player. I’ve never had this issue before on a microphone, so I had figured this issue was with the record player, but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

Got it, I switched from DirectSound to WASAPI and that seemed to fix the issue. I’m not sure why that would have done the trick, but hey these things just kinda fix themselves sometimes yk?