Record and play on the fly with a certain delay


Thank you for the software.

I’d like to do the following, Record audio from a microphone and then play it while recording with a given delay. Say 500ms.

Example: I Say “Hello”, Audacity records it, adds a 500 ms delay and plays it. All while still recording.

Can it be done? I went to Preference → Recording → Activated Software Playthrough then increased the Latency and Latency Correction to 0 or -10 or any number, but it doesn’t work it, no matter what number I enter.

Thank you very much.

I’ve not tested it, but perhaps this program:

I was designing a call-in transmission test bench and I would have killed to be able to do that. Sadly no. Audacity will not perform tricks while recording. It’s the same reason we can’t apply filters and effects during record.


And another similar one here which is known to work:


Thank you guys, will give those programs a try.