Reconnecting sound files with Audacity

Newbie here with a new computer and newest Audacity.

I recently had to buy a new computer. I transferred the old sound files to the new hard drive. Then I installed the latest version of Audacity.

I can’t seem to figure out how to connect this Audacity to the new file location. Can anybody give this old lady the steps, please?

PS: Would it be better to put the file folder in my Dropbox or external HD instead of the new machine?

You may be trying to associate Audacity with audio files, (& audacity projects),
See … https ://www

Alternatively you can just drag-n-drop audio files into Audacity …

Ah I used the wrong terminology. Thanks, Trebor, for steering me in the right direction! :smiley:

No, that wasn’t what I needed. Audacity was already set for .aup files. But I did figure it out. I’m no longer getting a message saying there were no files where there clearly was files. I probably asked the question too quickly but I just wanted to say thanks again for answering!

You may have to install something called FFmpeg into Audacity for it to play (& see) certain audio file types, see …
https ://