Recommended Workflow - 1930's 78's

Greetings -

I am converting my extensive vinyl record collection to digital form, and it’s going very smoothly. However, I’ve run into a problem. I have several old 78’s from the 1930’s - Russian Men’s Army Chorus, things like that. I usually make the recording, run Click Removal and Noise Removal and I’m pretty well done. With these, I start with the step of running Change Speed to get it up to the 78 RPM recording speed.

My problem - after running Noise Removal, the recording sounds kind of ghost-like, particularly with the quiet choral passages for the upper voices. It just doesn’t sound real, and it sounds very thin.

Does anyone have a somewhat-tried-and-true workflow for these very old, somewhat-scratchy and very-noisy recordings?

Many thanks in advance,


You we have one in the Audacity Manual - this is the link for the 2.0.4 Manual, under development, and not the released version - I’m linking to this one as I made some improvements to the version published for 2.0.3 recently: