Recoding from winamp + line in

I would like to record 2 streams:
a) Winamp playing an mp3
b) Line in (typically a musical instrument like a guitar)

Sort of like a jamming session …

I don’t have a line-in on my card but only a microfone-in. So I have a usb0guitar link which I am using right now. Independently both are captured in audacity. I was wondering if there was some way I can do this in real time ?

How can I achieve this using audacity 1.2.6 on win 7 pro, 64 bit ?


Rather than play the mp3 in WinAmp, import it into Audacity, then it can be played in Audacity while you record other tracks.

answer the question… dont suggest alternatives unless u state what i ask is not feasible !!!

i prefer playback in winamp bcos i use a dsp so i can tweak it to my preferences “easily”. not saying it can be done in audacity etc…

I’m under no obligation to answer anything. I like to try and help my fellow Audacity users by offering the best advice that I can.

What you are asking is feasible, but not optimal from a sound quality point of view because it requires that the original audio file passes through the sound card and is converted from its original digital form, to analogue, then back to digital. It is also not the easiest method to get working correctly because it involves recording “Stereo Mix” which on many Windows 7 computers is not available, thus requiring awkward workarounds. However, if you wish to try and get it working in this way, the instructions for doing so are here:

If you are unsuccessful or decide against recording “Stereo Mix” there is an alternative method that you may want to try.
WinAmp is able to write files to disk rather than to the sound card. Depending on which DSP effects you are using in WinAmp you will probably be able to set your DSP effects, then change the output plug-in to “Nullsoft Disk Writer” to write the processed file as a WAV file to your hard drive. The WAV file can then be imported into Audacity.