recoding audio to cd

I think that I have done everything according to the manual to export a wave file consisting of several tracks to a recordebale
cd but a note comes on screen to say that Audacity could not export to cd. What am I missing?

Audacity cannot export to a CD - well not a music CD anyway (are you asking Audacity to exoport your WAV files directly - rather than to your hard drive?).

What you need to do is to export your multiple WAV files to your hard drive - I would create a separate diectory for this. Then you need to use some CD burning software to create a music CD (examples of this are Nero, RecordNow! - or even iTunes can do this for you). It is important that you do not create a data CD as this will be unplayable on most CD players - but will probably play on a computer.

Also do make sure that you use good quality CD-Rs and not CD-RWs.


As usual, documentation on the wiki: [url][/url]