recarding split channels (&vice verse)

Hello. i have replaced Cubase with Audacity (becuase now i’m working with Windows 7 & my oldie Cubase is unable to operate on new wiindows)
the question is…how to make stereo audio channel from mono? in cubase it was very simple ( split to left or split to right)

i have sound card fast track & when i am recording song from my keyboard–Audio comes mono…i want stereo…
thanks in advance

“Edit > Duplicate”
Then click on the name of the upper track and from the drop down menu select “Make stereo track”.

Note that mono tracks can be panned and you can have a mix of mono and stereo tracks in a project, so about the only real reason for having making a mono track into 2 channels is if you are wanting to apply a stereo effect.

Thanks It was very useful