REC level pinned to max

WIN 7 Aud 2.3.1
Success previously but strange now.
Selections: Wasapi / Speakers & Headphones - these are the only selctions that give ANY recording to a file. And the record level is pinned to 100 and not able to be adjusted. If the rec level is at 50 as soon as record is hit it will jump to 100.


What are you trying to record? What’s the job?


just ordinary music mp3 files from Youtube - recording from the speakers. As previously done.

Just ordinary music mp3 files from Youtube

That’s not “ordinary.” To do that you have to cross the play and record systems in your computer. While that’s desirable, it’s not normal.

If you adjust your system to do that, you have the risk of a feedback loop like in a club band when they get the microphones up too loud. That’s where your insanely high Audacity volume is likely coming from.

I think you have a setup error somewhere here.

I can’t get any closer than that. I’m not a Window elf.


What do you mean by “Wasapi / Speakers & Headphones”? On my Windows system, it is WASAPI as “Audio Host”, “Speakers” as “Recording Device (loopback), and “Speakers” as “Playback Device”.
“Speakers & Headphones” seems to be a strange combination for WASAPI…

updated to 2.3.3 no change but a clue revealed/

Robert 2:
On my screen I have the radio box for HOST
WINDOWS WASAPI which then gives the speakers / headphones IDC codec option (+ three other options). This is the only config that will give any recording to a file.

I have just learned I have no control for the MIXER that you can select from the taskbar - select-able but nothing will come up. i have a gremlin somewhere.

What do you mean by “radio box”? Is it Free Online Internet Radio Stations?

the drop down box better description.

Audio gremlin sort of sorted out but still no love form audacity.

The REC level not pinned but it cannot be adjusted while recording - it remains stuck.

Is there an audio codec file or something that i can check to try an resolve this another way? I previously had no issues with recording. A corrupted file somewhere? I have done the generic windows troubleshooting with the audio related settings in the control panel without anything being reported as needing a fix. Another thing has changed in that the playback audio slider used to affect the recording levels, that I can still adjust but it has no affect now on the recording. The recording level is fixed when REC is hit.