rec from internet

as english is not my language so i can not understand all functions.i am using audacity1.2.6 windows and i want to know is it possible to record while listening on internet?


It is possible to record from the internet on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but not so much Windows Vista.

On Windows XP, there is a web site to help you set the Windows audio controls.

I record from internet using Windows 2000 and a software program called Total Recorder. Total Recorder lets me set a timer so I can record Internet when I’m not home.


I have Vista, so how would I do it with Vista ?

Try reading this page from the wiki:


OK, so Vista is all set.

Koz, so what are the basic steps to doing a timed recording form the
internet ?

you mentioned the total recorder, how does that sync up with audacity… etc…
I’d like to record a stream from a radio station