Rebuild recording possible? Crash and project not saved.

One of our new sound technicians wanted to save a project ( interview recording ) and audacity crashed, thereafter showing 3 questions.
Tech chose top one and closed audacity ( he told me it said there was ± 750 orphan files).

Tried opening project with main project file. That fails to open. Trying to import states import failed.

Had look in the temp file and for some reason nothing in their. Recovery utility not able to open any .au files or projects with regard to the matter.

My questions is are we able to build the recording again with the 3 files ( d00,d01,d08) containing ± 750 (6 second) .au files?

I will post more details tomorrow when i get the laptop in question.

Thank you for any help and support

Start planning for what’s going to happen if it doesn’t come back.

When you complete an original recording, spot check it (with the talent still there), Export a WAV sound file, and then worry about Projects.


Have a similar problem. Audacity was shutdown without a save. On restart, there are 39 recoverable orphan blocks. Selecting the first block or all of them and clicking recover creates 39 projects with no apparent way to save them or combine them into a single project. How can I recover a single concatenated file?