Reassembling a Track from _data folder?

I recently recorded an audio track, then exported it to mp3. Upon export, the waveform was gone, and the track played without sound. I tried re-opening in audacity, but having exported it, upon re-import it was now silent. I checked the _data folder, and all the fragments of my recording are still present, and still intact, although they appear in no immediately recognizable order. Is there any way to automatically retrieve or reassemble the complete track using the _data folder, or do I need to go through each piece manually? Or, is there some other way to restore the audio?

I’m running windows 8.1 64 bit and Audacity 2.1.0 installed from .exe
Thank you!

Audacity carries the blue waves on the timeline as picture fragments inside the _DATA folder, so it’s totally possible to get them out of step with the show.


Are you saying the AUP file also reopens silent, and there is only a flat line now instead of waveform?

If there are blue waves, and you can apply an effect to the waves without them becoming a flat line, then the problem is that you have turned down gain or volume somewhere, or are using the wrong playback device.