Reassemble 6 second data files "eo" "do" ...

Recorded live session as act one and then second as act two. Sessions ran 45 minutes and 1 hour respectively. Each saved as separate projects.
When completed the results was folders “eo” “do” with listings files with data files of six seconds long.
How do I re assemble as one track for each session. When attempted I con only get one data file at a time.


An “Audacity Project” has two parts. There is a small “.AUP” file containing instructions for Audacity, and there is the audio data. By default the audio data will be in the form of many (possibly thousands) of 1 MB “AU” files within sub-folders of a “_data” folder. Do not mess with the data folder.

Example: If you save a project as “my-song”, then there will be a file called “my-song.aup” and a folder called “my-song_data”.
The folder “my-song_data” contains the audio data as lots of data “block files”, and the file “my-song.aup” tells Audacity how to reassemble the data to create the Audacity project.

Moving, renaming, deleting, or modifying the “_data” in any way, is very likely to destroy the Audacity project.
To open a project, select the AUP file from Audacity’s “File > open” command.

More information about projects here: