Rearranging Selections

This seems like it oughta be a snap. I have a symphony that was recorded with the movements out of order. I started selecting movements, cutting them and pasting them in the correct spots. When done, I added a little silence between the rearranged movements and I joined the whole shebang, I thought, and exported it. But the exported file stills plays the movements in the wrong order! I tried selecting the whole file and exporting the selection. Same silly result. Where did I go wrong?

I’m using 2.0.3 with Vista.



At that point, stop.

You are still in Audacity and you can see the re-arranged project in the main Audacity window.
Is it all on one track? (It does not have to be, I’m just making a mental picture).
Press the Rewind button and then the Play button. Does the whole symphony play in the correct order?

“File menu > Export”. Enter a unique new name, select a location on your hard drive that you can write to, and select the required file format (WAV for best quality), and export the track.

Optional but a good idea here: Save the Audacity project with a new and unique name.

Close and restart Audacity.

Import the file that you have just exported and play it. All OK?

Thanks, Steve. Just so I understand, is it the unique new name that you save it under that is the key?


Using a unique name is much safer. There can be problems with dependencies if you overwrite files that are being used in the project. See here for details: