ReaPlugs work fine here for real time effects_just wanted to let you know

Hello, just wanted to mention ReaPlugs work fine here audacity-win-3.2.3-x64.exe, even though at a certain point
Audacity put up an error saying incompatible.

The ReaPlugs show up at Realtime Effects> Add Effect> “unknown” folder.

I post this just in case the “incompatible” message scared anyone away from the ReaPlugs (
I think the “incompatible” message only popped up once, but it made me wonder if I should be using these ReaPlugs.

I let ReaPlugs installer exe reaplugs236_x64-install.exe install to it’s default C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins\ReaPlugs
then started Audacity, and Audacity automatically found them there.

I really like the ReaPlugs EQ for realtime EQ tweaking.

Just wanted to let you know.

You may have trouble finding them: they’re filed under “unknown” …
reaplugs are ''unknown'.png