Realtime Effects Nyquist Plugins Not Displaying in Realtime Effects Menu (but are scanned and enabled)

Hi there,

-Audacity 3.2.5
-Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1

Realtime Effects Nyquist plugins downloaded directly from are not showing up in Realtime Effects menu despite showing up and being “Enabled” in the Plugin Manager.

For more detail:
Under the Realtime Effects tab on > Pitch and Tempo > Nyquist Time, Pitch and Tempo, I downloaded Changespeedsemitones.ny, slide-speed.ny, and tempo.ny. I used the Nyquist Plugin Installer to download all three of them and was met with “Success.” But despite restarting Audacity and my computer several times, and making sure they’re scanned and enabled in the Plugin Manager, they are just not showing up in the actual Realtime Effects menu.

Thank you! This would be wonderful for my workflow if I could get this working!

Nyquist effects are not real-time-capable.

I can see how you might have assumed that. You click on the “Pitch and Tempo” item in the sidebar under “Realtime Effects”. That takes you to a page where the third entry is “See Also: Nyquist Time, Pitch and Temp effects”.

This Audacity support page explains that “Currently supported [real-time] plugin formats are Audio Units (macOS only), VST3, LV2, and LADSPA.” VST2 effects are supported as of version 3.2.2.

– Bill