Really quiet recording

I am using a Macbook Air Sierra 10.12.6
Rode Mic NT1-A mic and M track 2x2 C -series to record voiceover

The recording equipment is new, have been using this set up for about 6 weeks now with no problems recording and editing in audacity. Today my mic is really quiet (I’ve attached a recording and screenshot). I’ve turned everything off and on again, disconnected and reconnected. Recording is fine with the inbuilt computor mic. I don’t have an additional cable or mixer to try but as they are nearly new this shouldn’t be due to wear and tear. Any advice appreciated.
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 09.20.08.png

Rode Mic NT1-A mic requires “Phantom Power” to operate properly.
There’s a “+48v” phantom-power switch on the M track interface, that needs to be on …

[ I dunno if the phantom-power is on or off in this picture ]

I dunno if the phantom-power is on or off in this picture ]

There’s usually a light somewhere.

Yes. There’s a power light and a 48volt light.

You should be able to get the orange sound meter light to come on with speech. That’s slightly high for normal announcing, but you should be able to do it without screaming. If the interface is OK, then something is happening in the computer.

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