REALLY obvious multitrack recording question -- HELP!

How do i record a live track into audacity, while listening through headphones to another existing track that i’m playing over – WITHOUT both tracks being recorded together on the new track? This is a problem that both audacity and mixcraft seem to share. There is no way to record ONLY the sounds you are playing if you are listening through headphones to another track you are playing over. BOTH tracks get mixed together in the new track.

I bet you enjoy recording from the internet and you’re on a Windows machine. Right? You need to turn those services off in order to do live, real-time production. That’s not multi-channel, by the way, that’s overdubbing. Multi-channel is recording 16 microphones at once.

There is a wiki page to set you up for internet recording, but not one to stop. So follow these instructions backwards. They tell you to select “Mix-Out” or something similar for recording instead of one of the standard audio connections. You need to change that.

Obviously, to stop recording your guitar and start recording the internet, you need to reverse the settings again.

One of the Windows elves will be along. I’m a Mac elf.


So if you are recording with a microphone that is plugged into the “Mic” socket of your sound card, you need to set the Recording input to record from the “Mic” input.

Exactly how you do that depends on what sort of computer, but most of the options are covered in this article: