Really Bad Recording Problem

Ok, I’m trying to recording me singing over background music in Audacity, but the music drops down into the second recording with my voice! I just want two separate tracks. One with the background music and my voice and the save it altogether but it won’t work! Is there a way to fix this problem?

<<<I’m trying to recording me singing over background music in Audacity>>>

How are you listening to the track while you sing?


sounds like your singing along to the backing track through speakers instead of headphones hence the microphone is picking up the background music coming from the speakers.

NO that’s not my problem!

My problem is even if I wear headphones, turn off the sound, or anything the track above merges with my second track! I don’t know why it is doing that, but it’s not supposed to.

I can’t make them seperate! They all merge together for some reason…


What recording device is displayed in Audacity? I had your described problem until I figured that the recording source should be either “Line in” or “Microphone”. I had it set to “Wave Out Mix” which, as the title suggests, is the combined sounds in the sound card. Oops.



i have the same problem.
I am listening to the first track with headphones. The recording device is set to “microphone”, but still, the second track records the first one and the guitar that i play through the mic.

Yeah, the same thing is happening to me. Even when I set it to the right settings and such, it still merges with the above track.

@nachman and Lifestream,

Try doing EXACTLY the same thing, but with the microphone switched off / unplugged.

If your new track is silent (which it should be) then the problem is probably caused by “spill-over” or “cross-talk” from the headphones to the microphone.

If the new track still records the previous track, then there must be some “mixing” going on in your computer.

Post the results of this test, - each scenario requires a very different approach to fixing it.

Nothing worked. I think some sort of mixing is happening, indeed.

Ok, so I found the major source of one of my problems. Everything I play through my computer gets recorded. Like if I turn off my speakers and mic and play something on YouTube and press record, it records the sound, even though my speakers and mic are off! I don’t get it.

I’ve tried setting the preferences on Audacity, but it still won’t work. I’ve also tried installing it again, but no change. Help, please?

Your answer lifestream, was a few posts previously in this thread:

ok did you go into preferences and turn off the setting to make it do that before you even bothered with things outside of the computer? there is a setting to have it drop down like that that you can turn off and on

Ok, I’ve done all of that already. It’s still mxing all the sounds in the soundcard. :frowning:

In Audacity, yes. Te recording device is set to Line in/Mic in.

Yeah, even if I have my speakers and mic off; headphones unplugged - if I record anything in ANY sound recorder, it will record all the sounds that are playing on my computer.

Welcome to the mysteries of the Windows Control Panels.