Reality check of text for audiobook?

I would much appreciate a reality check of whether this could be acceptable to ACX:

You’ve not made your Google-drive link sharable:
You have to specify “Anyone with the link” can download that file.

Alternatively there is a free audio-host associated with Audacity you can use to share audio …

Here is my sample. Thank you for your help.

It sounds (& looks) like you’ve used equalization alone to reduce excessive sibilance, rather than using a de-esser.
That results in all the audio sounding a little muffled, as equalization is applied to all the audio, whereas de-essers just act when required.

You have a bassy resonance effect ~150Hz which is caused by the room, (most obvious on Mms, Nns, Pees & Bees).
That can be treated with dynamic-equalization.

No native tool in Audacity for dynamic-equalization.
There is plugin called PureEQ plugin, (30 day free trial),
which is worth a try …
PureEQ does static & dynamic equalization,
that covers room-resonance, and may even do some de-essing.

If you want profe$$ional results you need to use a de-clicker plugin.

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