Reality check, audiobook?

Mastering indicated I should post a clip-on forum. Hard working novice trying to DIY narrate, wrestling with ACX qual. Much appreciate if someone could check it for me. TY

There’s a noticeable constant hum @ 240Hz when you’re speaking …

Multi-view - Audacity Manual

Oddly it does not appear in your “silence” at the start.

IMO your background-noise, (computer fan ?, air-con?), is too loud for audio book work.

TY. I found and eliminated 4 likely sources. ACX Check now shows noise floor at -69.73 (without Noise Reduction). Here is another audio clip:

I can hear a clock ticking, (it’s also visible on the spectrogram).

The main issue is the loud bassy resonance at 70Hz.
A high-pass filter at 100Hz 48db/octave gets rid of it …

high pass to remove bassy resonance at  70Hz

IMO the equalization of your voice is near perfect.

Huge TY. You have a remarkable ear!! I thought the old clock was long dead.

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