Real-time transfer of audio being captured

Does Audacity allows real-time transfer of audio being captured over a local network.
I am trying to record a live stream, which may extend up to many hours.
Is there any way i could copy the available audio to a remote location over network, in every fixed time interval.

If you want to record a stream, VLC player might be a better solution:

There are many ways to transport audio over the network, but you should probably tell us what kind of computer you are using on both ends. There is also a big difference between a local network and the internet.

The simplest way to transport audio over internet is usually Google’s WebRTC, which works from most recent browsers (not IE).

Audacity should be able to capture from any valid audio capture device that is enabled in the Windows Sound Control Panel. On Vista and later versions of Windows, capturing streaming audio that is playing through a sound card can be captured using “WASAPI loopback” (see:

Audacity saves the recorded data in small chunks called “block files”. For a new project, these block files are saved in Audacity’s “temp” folder. For a project that has been previously saved, the block files are saved in the project “_data” folder. See here for more information about how Audacity Projects work:

Audacity works internally in very high quality “32-bit float” format. During recording, very large amounts of data need to be stored in real time. Typically, networks do not guarantee real time write access, and this can be a big problem for Audacity as it requires real-time write access. If the device being written to becomes unavailable when Audacity needs it (which is likely to happen), then data will be lost and the recording may stop or become corrupt. It is therefore highly recommended that you use a reasonably fast, local drive, that has lots of free space - preferably an internal drive, though Firewire or scsi drives should work OK. USB drives are not recommended for recording and may cause problems.

Audacity is not able to export an audio file while it is recording, though it may be possible to use a third party application such as AutoHotKeys to script a procedure for Audacity to record for a while, then export, then close the project, then start a new project, then start recording the next part. (I have had this working successfully on Linux using “AutoKey”).

Audacity can make very long recordings (many hours long) provided that you have a local drive with sufficient free disk space. You can then export the recording as a series of audio files in whatever format you prefer. See:

If the stream has a known protocol and address then VLC can play it and/or dump it simultaneously to a file.

You “may” be able to copy the file periodically and paste it to a new location. I have not tried that to see how well it works, if at all.