Real-time input/feedback metadata streams

if there a way to add
for example when playing back audio,
a way to rank the audio or
preferably a fluid value
maybe via mouse-position/height hovering
or via keyboard +/-

and possibly later to use it for audio-filters
e.g. have parameters change over time
or use it for audio volume envelope (if it could also do linear,or smoothed, not just logarithmic decays)

or generalize volume envelope for any metadata or usage (thus making them convertible and interchangeable)
also possibility to move the meta-track relative to the audio-track ,
to compensate for human-factor-delays

maybe visualize it not only as waveform but maybe conditional formatting intensity bar…(gray-scale, color-tones)
and have possibility several of those tracks with different color maps…

Audacity has a Label Track that you can add to the show. It can point to a place on the show and will open so you can add text messages. You can add as many labels as you want. They can work in real time during recording and I think they’ll do that on playback, too.