Real time effects reset after switch off?

Sorry if this has an obvious solution, but I couldn’t find anything on it in the forums. So I often create fairly large projects with multiple real time effects on each layer (more than 100 layers). Having the effects switched on creates an issue where it stutters so badly I can’t listen to the recording or create any more recordings - so I have to switch all effects off. When I switch them back on again and click on an effect, it comes up with the default setting straight away with almost every effect (ozone imager, TDR nova, orilriver etc). My question is, do the effects get reset to default after being switched off and on again, or does it just happen as soon as the effect is clicked on. I feel like my recording sounded different after going through this routine recently, suggesting they do reset to default just by switching them off, but I couldn’t be 100% sure. For now I’m currently setting every effect again after switching off which is incredibly time consuming, so if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!

Saving your settings as a preset in each plugin can help speed-up recovery.
[ Audcaity3 forgets VST3 plugin settings for me (on Windows 8) too ].

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