Real Time Date&Time Stamping

Hello, is there a method or procedure that somehow places/inserts the actual date and the time when a recording (via a plain microphone connected to a laptop) begins and then inserts the actual date and time when the recording is stopped?

in other words, i realize there is time stamping within the sample of a recording. but is time stamping of the recording itself possible? i need to figure out how i can record something and have that recording timestamped for law enforcement purposes.

thanks for any advice, tricks or possible methodologies.


Sure. No problem. Audacity itself doesn’t support time stamping, but if you’re willing to sacrifice one audio track, you can use SMPTE TimeCode.

SMPTE TimeCode is a low quality audio signal designed to work on the cue track of Quadraplex videotape machines. It carries time signals down to 1/30 of a second in the US – 24 hours but no dates. You can use the “User Bits” for that. It will read forward or backward, slow and high speed.

You’ll need a TC Generator and a Reader. You may be able to find software versions, but if you do, keep in mind the computer has to be able to do two completely independent things at once, and if you do overdubbing, four.

Keep in mind that Audacity will not scrub in either direction.